There are several brands and flavors of E-liquids available that make it difficult for the beginners to choose a right flavor. Some people do not even invest and buy a new flavor thinking that it may go unused. The most important is to always choose a good brand rather than opting for a cheaper e-liquid. This way you will be sure that the ejuice is official and safe for the public. With the good brand, you can also be sure about the safety and the cleanliness used to manufacture the product. Before choosing a flavor, do consider the below points:

  1. Decide a flavor you like. You can make a list of flavors you like and narrow down on them to help you decide the flavor you want to try. Also remember that these flavors are similar to the flavors in food items. So, the taste will also be similar. Some people also try to mix different flavors to get their own flavor.

  1. DIY flavors: Starting with a flavor need not be a costly one but certainly has to be one close to your taste. If none of the best flavors you chose are satisfying, then try to mix the flavors and get to your choice of flavor. Cigarette vendors have accessories and products required for DIY experiment.
  2. PG/VG ratio: PG which is used for a throat hit but that doesn’t last for a long time. Hence, it can be replaced with VG that can be slowly inhaled to give the same feel. And upon usage you will definitely see a huge difference. The ejuice vapor from 100% VG is thick and gives full flavor that lasts for a longer time. Always start with a low concentration of nicotine as well.
  3. Keep switching between the flavors. A particular flavor might not taste the same after some time. To avoid this, keep trying different juices, sweet, sour, tobacco mixed fruit etc. Current models available on the market have all the features and feel exactly like a regular cigarette. As long as its nicotine free it’s safe to use.

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